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Why you need to start using stock photography in your designs

why you need to start using stock photography in your designs

Ever see that really hot girl or guy that’s used on EVERY single website, bus ad, or magazine? You can never think of where you’ve seen them before. But you know you’ve seen them on some other site or maybe on the park bench a few blocks down. Yup, that’s a stock photo (or stock model to be specific). Once you see them, you’ll see them everywhere. Continue Reading

How to filter cheap clients

how to filter cheap clients

Finding a good, well paying client can prove to be a little difficult when you just start your design business. Just like the physical world – the online world is full of cheap people. They are everywhere. Literally, everywhere. Not that being cheap is necessarily wrong, but when you’re on this side of the business, it’s not ideal and in most cases, hard to work with. Continue Reading

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